About me

As an artist I am driven by the desire to make a difference through my work. By my representations to touch people. Not in the head, but in the heart.

The decision what job I would take, employed me as young people very hard and long. I had many talents and was therefore not a way set. "I serve the world, so can I enrich something or someone with my activity? These were my questions.

A mind was decision to go the way of the artist. At that time I didn't yet, whether I would live my vocation, also by this profession, meet my goals. An exciting experience is to be artist for me again and again and I am grateful to have done so.

In the process of creation manages to immerse me in a State that is because no thought disturbs more, also with words not to describe. "It" just works, it flows, it is something like saying.

Today, I'm sure something can be moved with art, the artist may enrich the people and serve them with his work.

So, I understand my work. I want through my work, the world will be a bit brighter, people develop a little more courage and confidence, confidence in themselves and in the creation. Joy of living. Love.


Andrea Zrenner