Looking for Angels

The project "Angels wanted", the KreBeKi is conducted by 2008, is diverse: for one it addressed directly to disabled and chronically ill children and young people. You have been invited by six months to many of KreBeKi of organised and funded workshops, Museum actions and thematic city inquiries throughout Bavaria. In many different actions designed artists from diverse backgrounds (dance, singing, painting, photography, glass art, jewelry, etc...) with the children and adolescents each a large-scale artwork titled "Angels wanted" fashion. These great works of art were shown in November in a major exhibition to the public.

On the other hand costumes and items from the collection of well-known productions were auctioned off numerous German opera houses and theatres. The Musikschule in Regensburg auctioned even three whole ensembles for the buyer an exclusive performance (for a birthday, an anniversary, a summer festival...)gave. A costume of "the little Prince", an extravagant evening gown or a Rococo costume from the Bavarian State Opera, a child costume from the "Meistersinger" directly from the Bayreuth Festival, three special chairs from a production of the theatre Regensburg or even a whole orchestra? -Who wanted to buy something extravagant, could do so at the auction of the Foundation on May 7, 2008.

On July 8, there was still a very special attraction within the framework of the project, 15 school could look at the benefit performance of the Theater Ingolstadt "You see nothing but ghosts" by Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer with at least one disabled or chronically ill child aged 12 Regensburger Theatre at the Bismarckplatz. The piece is about the cancer of a young girl.

Which sought in the framework of the project"Angel" was launched in 2008 inclusive workshops at the Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie will continue in 2009. 2009 Open the vaults of the Museum for all children. The Museum invites together disabled and able-bodied children exploring the House. The courses are every three months on a Saturday afternoon. They are suitable for children aged from 7 to 15 years and the participation is free of charge for the children and a companion each. Parents and carers are invited to join, or explore the Museum on their own.

Source: http://www.krebeki.de/projekte/2009-engel.html