On this page I introduce texts you, that touch me, give me strength, and have a special meaning in my life:

Our deepest fear

Our deepest fear is not that
to be insufficient.

Our deepest fear is
that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness,
What we fear the most,

We ask ourselves, who am I,
believe me, that I brilliant,.
am great, talented and unique?

But precisely, the point
Why shouldn't you be there?

You are a child of God.

To make yourself small, not benefit the world.

Is it not evidence of enlightenment, to take back,
only so that other people around you
feel not insecure.

We are all called upon to shine as children.

We were born to the glory of God,
It is located in us, to bring to the world.

It is not in some of us,
It is in each.

And leave by we seem our own light,
We give permission, other people unconsciously
the same thing to do.

If we are liberated from our own fear,
automatically frees the others our existence.

Marianne Williamson


The Eagle

There was once a man who went into the Woods to catch a bird. He came back with a young eagle, which he then locked to his chickens in the barnyard. He had to eat chicken feed, even though he was an eagle, the King of the birds.

After a few years, a naturalist came to visit. He saw the Eagle and exclaimed: "but this is still no chicken there, thats an eagle!, said the man,"but I raised him to a chicken. " He is now no Eagle, but a chicken, even though its wingspan of three metres.

Oh no, said the researchers. "He's still an eagle, because he has the heart of an eagle. "And that will make it fly up high in the air."

But the man shook his head: "No, he of a real chicken now and will never fly."

The two men decided to try it out. The researchers did jump the Eagle on his arm and said to him: "you, who you're an eagle, you're in heaven and not on Earth: spread your wings and fly!"

The Eagle sat on the extended arm of the researcher and looked around. Behind him, he saw after their grains pecking chickens and jumped down to them.

The man laughed and said: "as I said there: he is now a chicken."

"No," the other said, "he's an eagle. Try it again tomorrow."

The other day, he climbed onto the roof of the House with the Eagle, lifted him and said: "Eagle, you're an eagle, spread your wings and fly!" But when the Eagle saw the scraping chickens in the Court again, he jumped down again to them and pawed with them.

Then the man said again: "I told, he's a chicken."

But the researchers shook his head and said: "no, he's an eagle and he's still the heart of an eagle. It let us try one more time; tomorrow I will let him fly."

The next morning, the researchers got up early, took the Eagle and brought him out from the city, far away from the houses at the foot of a high mountain. The Sun was just and gilded the Summit of the mountain. Each Pinnacle shone in the joy of a beautiful morning. He dumped the Eagles again on his arm and lifted his arm: "you are an eagle. You belong to the sky and on the Earth. Spread your wings and fly!"

The Eagle looked around and shivered, as new life meets him, but he didn't.

There, the work-man directly in the Sun let him look. And suddenly the bird spread its enormous wings, arose with the cry of an eagle, flew higher, and never returned.

He was an eagle, though he was raised like a chicken and been tamed!

After James Aggrey, slightly modified


» I am a free man. I want to be an all-world person under any circumstances. I have a right to fall out of the frame. I hope chances, not collateral. I want to be no holding out citizen, humbled and dulled because the State takes care of me. I will address the risks, me crave for something and realize it, suffer shipwreck, and succeed. I refuse to let me buy the own drive with a tip. Rather I want to confront the difficulties of life than running a secure existence; rather the tense excitement of own success, instead of the dull quiet of Utopiens. I want to give my freedom against the benefits, nor mean human dignity against mild gifts. I learned to act even for me, to see the world in the face and to confess: this is my work.» Albert Schweitzer